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Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Meepok mates (3): Kelly Wannabe

So far, Meepok mates are blokes.

I have to jiao4 kor3 (look after the interests of) my brudders out there.

Hence I've asked my ar-kar-liao friend, Minako to contribute a chio-bu profile.

If you're interested to know Kelly Wannabe better, I can put you in touch with her via Minako.


Having read the profile, it is in my opinion that you'd better have deep pockets.

Presenting Kelly  Wannabe………. Many say she looks like TCS Star Kym Ng

Stuff she's born with (aka Bo-pian stuff)

(Nick)Name: Kelly Wannabe (click here to read blog involving Kelly)

Age: Sweet 30 going on 31.

Height: 1.63m

Weight: 55 kg

ChioBu factor (/10): 6/7 (if put on make up!)

Looks: Ok lah – some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it lian...

Stuff to impress your parents

Education: NTU Business Degree? (erm…..) CFA

Occupation: Not just a banker. Not local bank banker summore.

Ability to win your mom over (/10): 10. To win your mum's heart, she will talk swee-swee until you think "Wah, my mother so fantastic ah!" Your mother will think "When am I getting grandkids?"

Ability to suck up to your dad (/10): 10. She will talk your dad to death. Your dad will say "Ok! Ok! You win!", in say, 10 minutes??

Stuff to impress you

1.  Very determined young lady (made it this far with no parental support, economic or otherwise)

2.  Loyal friend

3.  Can speak perfect mandarin (with Beijing accent and all!!)


Vital $tati$tic$

Income: Definitely 6 figure.

Net worth: Resale value of Prada, Louis Vuitton and Gucci?

Living in: Own private apartment.


Stuff that are nurtured

Good habits: Doesn't drink, smoke

Bad habits: Loves her mahjong with one leg on the chair.

What I like most about her: Loyal friend

What I like least about her:  She can be very lian!!!


Her pickup lines

"Want me to sign you up for the Porky Bank Global Fund?"

"Your US Dollar or mine?"

"My favourite colour is Platinum (for credit cards). What’s yours?"


Why still no BF?

Go to Bukit Timah Hill, we are all hiding there.


Looking for

A rich man who can spoil her, shop her to death, feed her lots of yummy food and make her happy. Ah Peks may apply (but may not be chosen!)




Posted at 12:01 am by meepoktah

Lim Peh Kah Li Kong !! =>

June 16, 2005   12:16 PM PDT
MP, can cut and paste from my entry on nonya laksa to yours?
June 16, 2005   12:04 PM PDT
Perhaps it's affirmation of their social status revolving around the important 4 Cs mainly Carat, Clarity, Colour and Cut which determines the diamond's price. So here again the $-Eleven sign arise …

In short, $$ is the key factor to some women, not all though ...
Mee Pok
June 15, 2005   09:32 PM PDT
Hoegaarden - Why do women like diamonds? Maybe I should write an article about it. By the way, you got Chio Bu profile to contribute boh?
Mee Pok
June 15, 2005   09:30 PM PDT
Dicta - Sure. Send the stuff over :-)

Jay - You forgot one more fun. Chee Cheong Fun.
June 15, 2005   07:42 PM PDT
any diamond miners in singapore?!!
June 15, 2005   07:13 PM PDT
sOmeOnE wHo uSed to mIne cArBoN ... too bad not into the HARDEST cArBon on EARTH or She GoNna be MINE wahahahaha
June 15, 2005   06:21 PM PDT
MP, Can can. post my blog on yours? Dis one is called Nonya Laksa.
Mee Pok
June 15, 2005   04:00 PM PDT
Hoegarden - Good one. Fully agree with you. By the way, who are you ah?

Dicta - Can you contribute a char bor profile for mee pok mates?
June 15, 2005   03:16 PM PDT
she doesn't need a BF ... think she needs to find a diamond miner to mine her the hardest carbon on earth :p
June 15, 2005   12:46 PM PDT
Based on Minako's ranting ... Dis one cannot touch.

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