Entry: Cooking 101: Coca-Cola Chicken Monday, December 26, 2005

I'm going to a pot-luck dinner @ my cousin's place tonight.She made a request to cook my coca-cola chicken for a party of 12.

Huh ?  Coca-cola chicken?

Yep, you heard it right!

It's an original Meepok TMH recipe, conceived in London (move aside, Mr Gordon Ramsey)


Best in Singapore, JB and some say Batu Pahat.


According to those who (dared) tried, it is so good that it will help you win your girlfriend's (or boyfriend's) heart, her family's heart, help you win elections (swing votes), solve the world hunger problem (pple just lose appetite after eating it)


Why coca-cola?


When I living in London, I ran out of soya sauce while cooking chicken.

A bottle of coke sat on the kitchen stove.

Out of desperation, I whacked it into the pot of chicken.

And EUREKA !!!


I understand many of the readers of this blog may have little or no experience operating in the kitchen.

Hence I've created a pictorial 101 cooking lesson ala Jamie Oliver.

Basically, it's fuss free, filth free and trouble-free cooking to help you score brownie points.

WARNING: You may become friends-free if you force them to eat this stuff.





Anything you can find in the fridge that hasn't expired.

Nah ….. look at the pic below.



a.  Chicken (how much depends on you)

b.  Coca cola

c.  Sesame oil (muah yew)

d.  Dark soya sauce (tau yew)

e.  Oyster sauce (orr yew)

f.  2 cloves of garlic

f.  Salt, pepper and other seasonings …. It doesn't matter if you add them or not (seriously!!!)


The mama lemon and CIF detergent (yellow bottle) behind are NOT to be added into the recipe.

I'm not responsible for the after taste (and ill after-effects if you choose to add them)





Not matter what the AVA, ENV or Gahmen tell you, wash the chicken parts.

Preferably with water and not kerosene (torr yew)


Set the chicken in a nice big bowl.

Please resist using a fish bowl 'cos that will impart a fishy smell that destroys the taste of my work of art.


Whack all the seasonings in.

How much to add?  Use to FORCE.

Go with the flow and let the feeling (fillings) show.



Mix the chicken with the seasoning with your hands, until even.


Wash your hands before performing this step.

If you forgot, it's ok.

No one has to know …..

Just yourself a thumbs up when done.

Resist licking your thumb…. Chicken not cooked yet.


Wrap the mixing bowl with cellophane wrap and leave it in fridge for 2 hours.

This helps the flavouring the penetrate the chicken.

I also know the germs resident in the recipe kill each other during this time.


If not enough time, you can skip this step.

If really not enough time, order KFC instead.


Now you need to prepare the garlic that is used to stir fry the chicken later.

Remove the skin of the garlic (Yes girls, garlic got skin one ok?)

You'll have to chop the garlic into fine bits.

But with advances in technology, the garlic crusher was invented. (aka Vampire's worst enemy)


Place the garlic into the groove of the device and CRUSH!! It's been rumoured that the inventor got the inspiration from an ancient device used on Eunuchs.




You'd notice the garlic flows out of the device maciam S**T.

Collect the stuff in a dish.



While waiting for the chicken to marinate, you can read about Mr Peanut and his golden tap.



Two hours later ….. chicken to ready to be cook.

Heat up oil (yew) in a pot.

Whack in crushed garlic when yew is hot.

Stir fry garlic until kena brown, brown like that.

If you like burnt (chow tar) stuff, go all the way.



Then whack in the chicken.  Stir.


How long to stir?

Actually, I don't know.

Maybe duration of one class 95 song.


There's be some sauce (charp) left in the mixing bowl.

Whack in it too.

Stir for another 1 minute.


Next comes the most crucial step.

Pour the coke into the pot.

How much?

This one easy …. Until all the chicken is submerged in the coke.



Leave it simmer in medium fire.

Do not cover the pot.

The aroma of coca-cola chicken will soon fill the air.


What is medium fire?

The intensity is between that enough to light a cigarette and one that sets your house on fire.



While waiting for the dish to be cooked, wash up.

Simple, simple …. One big bowl only.


When to stop simmering the chicken?

I don't really know.

Just stop when you think the pot is going to dry up.

The sauce will part caramalise … this adds flavour to the chicken.



And there you have it ……

A world beater in a pot.



Next cooking tip will be for absolute beginners.

I'll call it …… "Bringing sky juice to bubble point", also known as boiling water.




December 31, 2005   06:33 PM PST
KFC claypot chicken rice? How to bribe u? With sweets can? I dont know how to massage legs but i got muscle rub cream (soon to expired leh :p)
December 31, 2005   12:19 AM PST
I wanna see the final product leh. Orr lu lu oso?
December 30, 2005   10:49 AM PST
sounds simple! u sure ah?! it's really good ah? I'm going to try it...heck the calorie counting....
December 30, 2005   09:28 AM PST
Ok, MP, i'll take your word for it but how come you all eat penis meat in the army? LOL
Mee Pok
December 30, 2005   08:46 AM PST
Kelawar - You don't want to go there, REALLY. Now that you're much old (than 18) it's better to stick to non-LJ meats. They are bad for health.
December 29, 2005   11:33 PM PST
meepok > i dunno leh. educate me pls!
Mee Pok
December 28, 2005   01:16 AM PST
Noteholder - Who are you ah? Are you from Batu Pahat? Isn't it in China? I'm simply the best ... don't believe ask Tina Turner. She wrote the song for me.

Jas - Ever tried KFC claypot chicken rice? Bribe me enough and I'll share the recipe.

December 27, 2005   09:55 PM PST
KFC sounded good.. hahaha :p
December 27, 2005   07:36 PM PST
r u sure? best in batu pahat? u know where batu pahat is meh???
Mee Pok
December 27, 2005   02:19 PM PST
Jay - The rice will be so oily that it will self combust will you fry it lah. Make sure you have fire extinguisher when you cook.

Kelawar - L J meat easy to find. Army got a lot. You dunno meh ?
December 27, 2005   01:40 PM PST
Jay - where to find l** j*** meat? am i reading incorrectly?
December 27, 2005   11:32 AM PST
Buay pai leh....

My own specialty is Char Kway Png.

Goto chicken rice stall and ask uncle for the rice right at the bottom, soaked in the chicken oil, that he is unable to sell anyway.

Bring back and fry the chicken rice with the usual fried rice condiments like lan jiao meat, mixed veggie, crab meat, egg, etc....


Oh yes, no need cooking oil. The chicken rice oil is self sufficient liao.
Mee Pok
December 27, 2005   11:08 AM PST
Golan - sounds like an idea. You take the lead and I'll follow :-)
Golani ben-Yuri
December 27, 2005   10:56 AM PST
Time to have another cross-over dish for the market heh ? What about chicken-in-a-Coke ? heh...

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