Entry: Are you a blur cock (2)? Story of (Dr) George of The Jungle (Part 1) Tuesday, June 07, 2005

NCE was my secondary school mate.

Here is a guy who was as cock as he was kind-hearted.

He used to walk without swinging his arms I think he still does.

Hence his balance was not very good and would trip and fall easily.

We wanted to call him Calamity Sam but thought the nickname George of The Jungle was more appropriate.

The nickname has stuck to this very day and I think "George" is in his IC.


First things first, George was our class PE monitor.

The irony was George never came close to passing the school fitness tests.

The reason why we voted George in was because he was cock.

He was a pushover had absolutely no control over the class during PE.

We'd play football 2 periods before recess and skip 2 periods of Chinese lesson after recess to swim.

This explained why my Chinese teacher didn't like George (who had to explain our disappearance) nor my class.

Probably also explained why so many people in my class failed or did badly for O level Chinese exams.


George was my classmate for Confucian Ethics in English (CE)  lessons in Sec 3 and 4.

Why did I choose CE over bible studies?

CE taught after school on Wednesday and girls from St. Margarets (SM) would join the class.

Coming from an all boys school (read: Monastery), having char bors in the class was a huge draw.

George joined CE because he signed up for the wrong module.

He almost signed up for Hindu studies too.


George had a huge crush on one of the SM gals in the class.

Chong Wai See, if I recall correctly, was her name.

George dared not talk to her in class.

He simply stalked her after lessons.

Wai See called me up one day and begged me to ask George to stop following her home.

(How Wai See got my number, I don't know.  Probably written in SM's toilet cubicles as part of a boy-bashing graffiti).

She was petrified and I agreed to help.

I sat George down to have a boy to blur cock talk.

He then flashed a note with Wai See's phone number on it.

I was confused.

If Wai See is scared of George, why would she give George her number?

George beamed and explained: "I dare not ask her for her number.  But I'm smarter than that. I followed her home, got her address and searched for all the Chong's in the phonebook and found the number."

George drew a blank when I asked him: "So, what are you going to do with the number?"

It was then that I realized that the boy-blur cock talk wasn't needed.

George stopped stalking Wai See.

Continued tomorrow: Story of (Dr) George of The Jungle (Part 2)


Mee Pok
June 7, 2005   02:28 PM PDT
I remember this one. He thought I did it to him. NB. So it was you !!!

This is too good to be under the comments section. I'll feature this in part 2 of blur cock.
June 7, 2005   09:58 AM PDT
George Stone sat next to me in Sec 2.

Let me share an anecdote when we were in Sec 3.

George stayed behind in class one day during recess to catch a nap on his desk. Poor boy must have mugged too hard for his test the day before.

So there he was, with his head on his desk and his glasses at the side.

Seeing that he was snoozing soundly, we took his glasses and lock a mini-padlock (those that comes free with your luggage) across the bridge of the specs. Thereafter, we return the glasses to the exact same spot on the desk and took off.

Recess over and George was awaken by the bell. As he put on his glasses, he noticed the offending lock dangling in front of him. He tried to figure out which classmate played the prank on him but alas he drew a blank with his investigation.

Why? Because I was from another class in Sec 3.

So there he was with the dangling padlock on his face right to the end of the day. I had to pass the key to him via a middle man in order to remain anonymous.

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